Monday, March 7, 2011


At 3pm today the building was still standing as far as I know, but the CCC rang this afternoon with whe message that "the building is to undergo deconstruction to enable USAR to do a sweep".The  USAR sat out side my shop on Friday for over an hour doing nothing and allowed me to enter my shop several times to retrieve items, No mention of "a sweep " then.
I think this is just an excuse for wanton destruction.

I had a phone call from a demolition worker in my shop at lunchtime, saying how little damage there was and how easy salvage would be!


Anonymous said...

Hi Deric, if you need a hand please let me know I would be glad to help you out. My number is 349 4229. Best of luck with recovering your stock I realise how much more important it is in our business than many others. Rob Woolley (Academy)

Anonymous said...

mate! You gota start jumping up and down! there must be a way to get all those amazing items out! I do hope you get the Maori artifacts out! the cloak is fantastic and the kete is not to bad either!

But yea hope you got my last email.

Kindest regards

Joshua Moot

Anonymous said...

I wish you well in the hope you can salvage these treasures. Kelly Auckland

Odentroll said...

Aaron Nicholson Here
I was mortified to hear you where going to get your Shop Flattened without a chance to save your Priceless Items especially that Pinball Glass I was bugging you for
out the back. It is crazy how they won't let people do any salvage work on their own property.
Gerry Brownlee is a facist!