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With the establishment of New Zealand as a British Crown Colony in 1841, all official instruments of the colonial government were sealed with the Public Seal of New Zealand.
The seal was designed by Benjamin Wyon, Chief Engraver to the Seals. The design depicted Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom in treaty with a group of Māori chiefs.
Seal of New Munster
In 1840 the North Island, South Island and Stewart Island were named New Ulster, New Munster and New Leinster respectively, after provinces in Ireland.
From 1846 New Ulster and New Munster were made provinces. New Munster included all the South Island and the southern part of the North Island.
Seal of New Ulster
In contrast to the south, the northern part of New Zealand, known from 1846 to 1852 as New Ulster, contained many Irish
They formed almost a third of Aucklands population. Many had come across the Tasman Sea from Sydney.
In 1852, the provinces of New Ulster and New Munster were abolished and regional provinces were established.
Seals are cast in vermilion wax and measure 70mm across, contained in a Morocco leather case

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