Tuesday, July 7, 2009


A complete album consisting of 20 original woodblocks by Yoshitsuya (1822 - 1866) and Yoshiiuku (1833-1904) published in 1867 by Hiroyuki,chuban format Chuban, 7.5 x 10in or 19 x 25.5mm printed on mid nineteenth century Japanese mulberry paper and with full margins as published This is a rare opportunity to aquire a set of prints uncut as published .
The completed set consisted of 100 original woodcuts, each depicting a famous warrior. The "Chronicles of the Taiheiki" was a fourteenth century epic covering one of the most troubled and violent epochs of Japanese history
Many of Japan's greatest woodcut artists of the latter half of the nineteenth century studied in the workshop of the master artist and designer, Kuniyoshi (1798-1861). In the decade following the death of Kuniyoshi, Yoshitsuya and Yoshiiku rose to prominence with their masterful warrior prints and scenes from Japanese folklore.
Yoshitsuya began designing his own woodcuts around 1845. Almost all his art was dedicated to portrayals of warriors. During his short life he completed many memorable designs of Samurai, Ronin and the heroes of the Taiheiki.
Yoshiiuku was a popular ukiyo-e print maker and newspaper illustrator during the Meiji period. He was known for his fierce portrayal of famous historical warriors. He signed his name Utagawa Yoshiiku and Ikkeisai Yoshiiku and Chokaro Yoshiiku.

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