Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Gold and Bloodstone ring with an inscription which reads
"Presented by the serg..ts of the 58th Reg to Seg..t Warren on his discharge 31st March 1863."

William Warren (1825–1894)
Colour Sergeant, NZ Medal
Colour Sergeant Warren, 65th Regiment of Foot, arrived in
New Zealand in 1846 from Sydney. He was among the 140-man
regiment that arrived in Wellington aboard the barque Levant in
response to a request by Governor Grey for reinforcements.
They were stationed at Paremata Redoubt and took part in the
action at Horokiwi in August. Later, they garrisoned the Hutt forts
and stockades and occupied the Mount Cook Barracks in Buckle
Street in 1847.
Warren saw service in Wellington, New Plymouth, Bay of Islands,
Napier and the Waikato during the regiment’s 20-year stay in
New Zealand.

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